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L. Barnett Evans

Welcome to my web site.  My name is Lillie Evans and I am storyteller.  Storytelling is an art form in which the teller works a canvass as surely as a painter.  The words, body language, and tone of a story can weave a picture as clear, and visual as any painted picture.  Standing before a person or group and spinning a tale and watching the listener react to my story is one of the most rewarding and gratifying things ever!

I have been blessed in that my story telling has garnered several awards.  I participate in such events as The Hoosier Story Telling Festival, Juneteenth Celebrations, as well as workshops, school, and church events. 

I tried writing my short story ideas as a book.  I took one story that actually had a germ of truth and the result was GRANDMOTHERS, INCORPORATED.  I wrote this book with fellow author, C.V. Rhodes.  The result is a series that is enjoying a good degree of success.  Along with Rhodes, I wrote the play GRANDMOTHERS INCORPORATED, which is based on the characters of the book.  The play made its debut at the Billie Holiday Theater in Brooklyn, New York starting in APRIL 2010 and enjoyed a very successful run.

I'm excited to announce that GRANDMOTHERS, INCORPORATED is now available as an eBook.  Writing the Grandmothers  series is an adventure and the adventure is continuing with the completion of SAVING SIN CITY, the next book in the series.  SAVING SIN CITIY will be available as an eBook in the very new future. 

What else is coming?  Look for a new series of books by me, published through my company Skye Writing Enterprise.  I write the Grandmothers books as L. Barnett Evans, but will be launching a new book series under Lillie Evans through my company Sky Writing Enterprise.  I hope you'll join me on this venture as well.  In the meantime, keep your mind open and your imagination working.

Check out the Grandmothers, Incorporated web site for excerpts of Grandmothers, Incorporated and Saving Sin City

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Lillie Barnett Evans