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Welcome to the web site of Lillie Barnett Evans, story teller, author and playwright. Everyone has a story. Let me tell you one of mine.


     Welcome to my website.  I have been telling stories professionally since 1994.  Actually, I have told stories since I was old enough to talk.  We all have told a tall tale sometime in our lives (some may refer to it  as lying). 

    Story telling is an art form in which the teller works a canvass as surely as a painter.  The words, body language, and tone of the story weaves a picture as clear and visual as any painted picture.  Spinning a tale and reeling listeners into the center of the tale is what I do!   I weave my tales at a variety of venues including history celebrations, schools, churches and summer camps.  Storytelling is not just for children.  Everybody loves a good story.

     Speaking of good stories, I started to spin a yarn about a detective agency run by two grandmothers.  That story evolved into my debut novel, GRANDMOTHERS, INCORPORATED . I write under the pen name, L Barnett Evans.  The novel, co-written with fellow author, C. V. Rhodes, is about three "sixty-something" widows who believe themselves to be crime fighters.  When a former classmate dies after a high school reunion, these lades determine that the cause was murder.  Thye also believe they know who the culprit is and they'll stop at nothing until justice is served.  It' so funny, you'll cry laughing!

Visit the Grandmothers, Incorporated website at www.grandmothersinc.com


If you have questions about a storytelling event, comments about one of my books, or other comments, please send me an email.